Contemporary music performances                                                        (2017 – 2021)


  1. Memory for Piano and Fixmedia (4 channels), 2021, Toronto (Canada), Anoush Moazzeni
  2. “Who am I?” for Clarinet in Bb and Fixmedia, 2020, New York (the USA), Kathryn Vetter
  3. Daramad for Tar and Fixmedia
  4. Daramad for Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone and Fixmedia, 2020, the University of Oklahoma (the USA), Zen Duo
  5. Daramad for three Sopranos and Fixmedia,
  6. On the threshold for Soprano, Santor, Tar, Piano and Fixmedia, 2020, Tehran (Iran), the Other ensemble (Postponed for Coronavirus pandemic)
  7. LAL-BAZI For Soprano, Bass Clarinet and Percussion (Tombak), 2020, Newyork (the USA), Sputter Box ensemble (Postponed for Coronavirus pandemic)
  8. Khane Haftom for Santoor and fixmedia
  9. Daramad for Piano, Violin, Bassoon and Percussion
  10. Too loud a solitude for Cello and live electronic (Max/MSP)
  11. Chahar-rah for 6 laptops
  12. A little Piece for Violin and live electronic, 2018, Tehran (Iran), Neda Asadi Nejad
  13. Walking in darkness for Santoor
  14. Daramad for Clarinet in Bb, Baritone Saxophone & Harp, 2018, the University of Michigan (the USA), The _______ Experiment
  15. 5 Poems for Piano, 2018, Krakow (Poland), Ludger Hofmann-Engl
  16. The birth of tragedy for Santoor and fixmedia
  17. Daramad for Accordion, 2017, Toronto (Canada), Michael Bridge
2017, 2nd Tehran Contemporary Music Festival (Iran), Puneh Zare’i Sefid Dashti