Last night was a great night for Philarmonie Berlin and Sir Simon Rattle, I believe that musicians and conductor had not thought, they would play master pieces, which were composed by Berio and Bella-Bartok, for nobody. On the other hand, as this concert was free, many classical fans could listen music freely. Also, this night was a fantastic time for me, for I have not been in Berlin but I saw a great concert in this city. Unfortunately, coronavirus spreads all of the world and Germany is not an exception.  Although, Corona is a dangerous disease but it has positive effects on our life. As we should be optimistic about our future, we should concentrate on our health. I am absolutely positive that music would help us in this way.

It is completely clear that contemporary music is not a popular anywhere, also contemporary composer would prefer play their music in a strange atmosphere. Sometimes, they played music in 4 helicopters and other composer preferred to compose “silence” occasionally. But last night for Philarmonie Berlin was different, they did not decide to play in a contemporary style, but an illness made this decision. Of course, I hope it would be the first and last time for this situation, and musicians would make decisions about their artistic circumstances.

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